Amalgam of Thoughts

"Cogito Ergo Sum" - I think therefore I exist
-Rene Descartes

29 December 2005

It Spins your Mind!

While reading about sub-atomic particles, I came across a specific property of particles - Spin. Every particle supposedly has a spin associated with it, even if it considered to be in a rest state, it is spinning intrinsically. Now, depending on their spins particles have been segregated.

Integer Spin Particles

  • Particles having Spin 0 can be visualised as a single point. Look at it from any direction, rotate it, roll it, it looks the same.

  • Particles with Spin 1 can be visualised like numbered cards or an arrow. Give them a 360 Degree revolution and they look the same.
  • Particles having Spin 2 can be visualised like the Queen in Cards or a Line. Give it a 180 Degree revolution and it looks the same.

Forces seen in Nature Gravity, Electro-magnetism, nuclear force etc are integer spin particles.

So far so good, the interesting part comes when those scientists say that there are particles with half-spin!. i.e on Two revolutions the particle will look the same. Now start visualising how that would happen. I tried and even after the thinking spun my head I couldn't visualise it!.
The amazing (or terrifying) thing is that matter is made up of half-integer spin particles !! electrons, neutrons, protons.. the stuff that we are made up of, have a spin of 1/2 or 3/2 or 5/2... and we cant even visualise them :D. If you need some visual aid try this. Read the explanation too on that site, if time permits. Truly baffling! Either those scientists are wrong or Gods must be crazy

27 December 2005

Inconsequentially Significant!

In response to my thoughts on how insignificant we are in this gargantuan Universe, Nandan in his post points out how we need to be narrow-minded, in a sense, to gain importance in the little world that we live in. Interesting insights, I have my own reservations against it, but the thought process led to something very vague.

The External Eye
Imagine you were an alien monitoring the Earth closely.

Oh! That dazzling Blue piece of mass
So Calm, so Serene, carved by a maven
When the view so enchanting,life there must be bliss
Is that what they call Heaven?

Chaos within
From the outside, it might seem there is tranquility on the Earth, but have a closer look. There are war-ravaged lands, men blowing themselves up, vehicles and industries emitting harmful gases, vessels toxifying waters... and the picture starts getting murkier. That is what is termed as Chaos within Order. The culprit could be compartmentalisation, act of categorising everything into sets. Dividing Earth into continents, countries, states, districts, cities, zones... The eye of the Alien does not see all these.
But yet the tiny Earthling, struggles to no end to gain recognition, importance, to fulfil his desire to be a significant contributor and not be just a mute spectator. The dilemma then comes, to find out how narrow he should be? Where should the line be drawn to say how narrow his outlook should be? Should he restrict his circle of influence to his zone, to his city or should he think bigger, about the country or the world itself? By categorizing, we are invariably assuming that we are not influenced by the world outside our category, even though we know that isn't true.

The Humbling Experience
The humbling experience is only a starting point. A person should first know he is Nothing... Nothing when he is alone. One Single man, has never changed the World, he might have influenced others to tag along, but never alone. Analogous to Arjuna's experience from the Vishwaroopa Darshan given by Krishna, the humbling experience gets rid of one's pride.

(Typical Pakau stuff, I call it. If your response is too long, you can do a new post - a better one! or else start a new interesting topic :) )

24 December 2005

Vichar Manthan

Vichar Manthan
Sagar Manthan was the operation carried out by Suras(Angels) and Asuras(Demons) together to churn out Amrit (Elixir) from the Ocean. After days and months of churning and after emergence of numerous by-products, finally they were able to extract Amrit. It is the continuous churning of a substance that produces Elixir, and when the substance is a thought then the Elixir is the Enlightenment. Hence the name Vichar Manthan - Amalgam of Thoughts.

Amalgam of Thoughts
Thoughts have no barriers. Thoughts can live in the present, drift backwards in the past, dream in the future... it is independent of time. A person can control himself to refrain from speaking, but he cannot stop thinking. Even the conscience cannot stop thoughts. So there are no rules, no inhibitions, no barriers on what can or cannot be discussed here. Amalgam of Thoughts is an open book, where anyone can talk about anything and give their invaluable opinions on any of the posts, because only when we accumulate and assimilate all thoughts, reason them out and then disseminate them do we find the Truth ... the only path towards Enlightenment - our Elixir.