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"Cogito Ergo Sum" - I think therefore I exist
-Rene Descartes

22 January 2006

When Two Worlds Collide!

This beautiful Cartwheel image has been created by the collision of two galaxies millions of light years away. Keep staring at the image and it reminds you of a Diwali cracker Zamin Chakkar, which spins furiously throwing away fire. Just imagine such a situation with two galaxies, each consisting of thousands of stars. Holy Fire should we call it?

( - The site shows how the image was made by superimposing four different images from four observatories. Will the Human eye ever get to see such resplendent beauty by their naked eye?


Blogger N-chan said...

Unfortunately I doubt that such a wonderful occurence will ever be witnessed by the naked human eye...but only if man forgets how to imagine..imagination is the something of everything-something that must exist so all things impossible become relevant, and that though people may not grasp or see it now, perhaps sometime in the future we can lay our eyes upon such an experience...

5:29 AM  

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