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05 January 2006

Ganguly - the Arrogant

The man just doesnt like to stay away from limelight. Maybe it is his Rahukaal (Bad phase of Time), or ... ahem. When I pointed out in my post (Ganguly Deserves it!) that Ganguly deserved to be sacked most of you launched a vicious attack on me :D. But the guy keeps tripping over himself. Just read this article on his latest Stunts. He managed 59 and the press now say Ganguly proves his form with 59. Just cannot stop laughing. The guy has set such low standards these days that his almost 50s and 59s are considered excellent knocks.

Even when he was dropped Controversially (for some)he didnt go on to play for Bengal. But then, people excused him as he was undergoing a Shock of sorts :). When he was selected back for the Pakistan game too, he didnt turn up for the domestic match against Gujarat. Media reports said he had to be coaxed to play the current match against Tamil Nadu. Now tell me, is this arrogance or what? Does the man deserve any pity. No Remorse from my sides on labelling him an arrogant @#$@!@$!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely second your opinion!!! Kudos!! A very well worded article.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr sudha....watever u r(i dont give a damn)..came to ur blog by googling it..

this is Dec 16 2006 nd i think this date itself is enuf to question ur very erudite article(in ur standards) if u have seen the guy playing today i m sure u r urself at a loss of words!!

i dont want to stress on Ganguly's abilities because a mere mortal software engg who u r does'nt hav the brains to cherish these things..

11:05 PM  

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